Sunday, 18 March 2018

Wanda the Cat

Entering password that Danny left in his desk; upload picture of my incredibly adorable face, aww… and there!

Wanda the Cat
HI HUMANS! DANG! Stupid CAPS lock key! Note to computer manufacturers, move the CAPS and NUM lock keys to the back of the computer, under a key-operated door! You know, like a nuclear missile launch button! Oh, not that *I* know what those things look like of course. That would be Kim Jong-un’s cat Hwan, who is the dumbest and meanest animal on the planet – the cat, not Kim - although, his little sister is kind of cute – in both cases :). But I digress. Holy crap! Talk about virtual dust! Does he EVER post on here? Hi humans! I’m Wanda Natasha (because I am mysterious – like Russian spy) Earhart (as in Amelia, because I’m an adventurous kitty - okay, and because sometimes I get lost on my way to the litter box, but hey, I’m about the same age in cat years as my human, so give me a break!).

I thought I’d introduce myself before Danny starts posting cutesy pictures of me online, and you guys get the wrong impression. I adopted him as a rescue human (and did he EVER need rescuing!), and I think we’re going to get along great. I checked the place out on arrival: apartment clean and tidy, check (REALLY clean and tidy – he’s a bit OCD, I think). Nice size litter box properly filled, check. Water dish and hard and soft food, check. Oh, Purina Fancy Feast! He splurged for the GOOD STUFF! Double check! He made a cute little ‘cat house’ for me out of a cardboard box (I doubt he even realizes there’s another meaning to the term), check! Huh…he has a stuffed Alf the alien toy. No doubt for me to tear apart the first time I’m left alone. Anyway, I feel a ‘cat’ nap coming on – get it? ‘Cat’ nap? Okay, maybe you people are into dogs or something. Anyway, see the above picture to see what a cat nap looks like. Oh wait! One last thing – in case you’re wondering why I have a first and second name, go look at this site. It’s important to cats, and you’ll learn something.

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