Sunday, 10 December 2017

Rest in Peace Crew of ARA San Juan (S-42)

It has been a sad few weeks for submariners everywhere. The diesel-electric submarine, ARA San Juan (S-42), of the Argentine Navy went missing after communicating on November 15th, 2017 that there water had entered the boat around the snorkel, but that the leak had been repaired and the submarine was headed back to base. That was the last heard from the submarine and Argentine authorities disclosed on the 23rd that a seismic event had been detected on the day the submarine went missing that was consistent with an explosion. It would appear that the submarine suffered some kind of catastrophic failure and was lost at that time. Now, almost a month later, the search continues for the submarine's wreckage, and hopefully she will be found soon, allowing some sense of closure for the families and friends of the crew. 

If anything positive has come out of this tragic event, it is how the world's navies, and especially the Royal Navy, set aside their differences and rushed to the aid of the missing crew. The boat was a TR-1700 class diesel-electric submarine (SSK) in service with the Argentine Navy as part of the Argentine Submarine Force. The submarine was built in West Germany and had entered service on November 19th, 1985. San Juan had undergone a mid-life refit that was completed in 2013. My thoughts and prayers go out to the boat's crew, their families and friends. For more information about the ARA San Juan, visit the Wikipedia page here -
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