Sunday, 24 December 2017

Merry Christmas Eve & Is That Santa?

It is an incredibly beautiful Christmas Eve morning here in Halifax, Nova Scotia. See that short line at the top of the image? Nope, it's not Santa. That is a massive Airbus A380 of Etihad Airlines (Flight EY 103) flying at flight level 400 (40,000 feet) on the last leg of an eleven thousand kilometer flight from Abu Dhabi to New York City. You can imagine that some of the passengers may be excited about returning home for the holidays, or perhaps there is someone about to start a career in the new year. I'm sure all of them are happy that the lengthy flight is almost over. I wonder if any of the passengers seated on the right side of the aircraft are looking down on Nova Scotia and wondering what we're doing this morning?

Merry Christmas to everyone at FlightRadar24, and thanks for allowing us all to learn more about who's flying over us! FlightRadar24 is an online Air Traffic Control app for your computer or cell phone where you can actually watch civilian flights all over the world as they make their way between airports. Combine this app with any of the radio scanner apps available, and you can be watching the aircraft on the 'radar' screen while listening to air traffic control communications. That's pretty heady stuff compared to the old multi-band radios we once used and still infinitely better than a programmable scanner. One can only wonder what is coming next in the way of technology. #HalifaxAuthor #Halifax #writer #amwriting #author #daniellloydlittle #airbus #a380 #etihad #etihadairways #christmaseve #christmas #merrychristmas #airline #flightradar24 #novascotia #atc #airtrafficcontrol

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