Saturday, 9 August 2014

World Wide Bullies

Cold War, RCAF, Duck and Cover, Halifax AuthorBullies come in all shape and sizes. They are usually larger and stronger than their victims. We hear of them all over the news today; in schools, on the internet – sometimes with fatal results - and even in the workplace.

A couple of bullies on the world stage today however, overshadow all others. One is a people wanting to eliminate another people, while the other is a nation, wanting to take over a much smaller nation. Both are equally frightening as they attack their victims and in both cases, the situation could escalate into something the world may not survive.

Historically, it has taken much less than a simple bully to send the world spiralling into warfare. As we remember World War I during its 100th anniversary, and look back at the chain of events that lead to that conflict, you can’t help but wonder how one person shooting another could have resulted in all the pain and misery the world sustained for almost five years (not including the pain and misery suffered by veterans after the war).

First and the worst of the two bullies, is Hamas (along with other so-called ‘Muslim’ terrorist groups), that sick bunch of people who would rather buy cheap rockets to rain down upon their neighbour instead of feeding and clothing their own people who live in squalor. This far flung band of people is filled with so much hate that they are able to sit back and watch their own children die as a result of their actions. They blame the Israelis, the Americans, or anyone else they can think of for their actions while all who die are considered martyrs of their cause. Sadly, a few other countries whose governments apparently share their views, cheerfully support this insanity with money and weapons. I expect that Allah will have a special unexpected surprise waiting for the likes of these animals when they die.

Our second bully is a familiar one from the past (and my previous blog). Russia’s leader probably suffers from some psychological issues – no doubt feeling a bit impotent having lost all the slave countries formally attached to it, along with the Cold War. The country that used to be a world wide threat to democracy has now lowered itself to beating up the little kid next door. Oh sure, some ‘Russians’ live there, so that of course trumps a country’s sovereignty, right? President Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin has stumbled in his attempt to annex the whole of Ukraine, culmination with the ‘accidental’ shooting down of a civilian jetliner, killing all aboard. That should have been his wake-up call to forget about the ‘world’s slowest invasion’ he’s embarked upon, but no, he’s still hard at it.

So, what does all that have to do with World War I and the photograph above? Remember, that the first world war started as a result of one person shooting another. Imagine what all the unrest out there today could potentially bring. For those too young to know, the photograph above is a school desk with a nuclear missile coming through the roof above it. When I was a child in school back in the early sixties, we had the occasional ‘duck and cover’ drills, where under threat of nuclear attack, we’d quickly scoot under our desks, surely safe from whatever might fall from the sky. This display from the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, Ontario shows the futility of that exercise. Let’s hope the bullies out there today realize the danger and futility of their actions and stop what they are doing – now.

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